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Embracing Sustainability


Driving positive impact with purpose

At eOffice, we are dedicated to balance profit and purpose. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments are the cornerstone of our ethos, guiding every decision we make. We constantly consider the impact on the environment and prioritise the well-being of the planet, our team members, and the local communities we serve.

Ethically driven
Socially Responsible & Inclusive


Leading the Charge
for Change

This certification, achieved in 2021 as the first flex office space provider being awarded, confirms our unwavering dedication to fostering positive social and environmental change. As we recently completed our recertification journey, we feel proud of the improvements we have made during this period, and we are now exploring ways to elevate our impact even further.


Creating a Sustainable, Ethical, and Accountable Workspace

At the core of our operations lies an unyielding commitment to sustainability. Leveraging cutting-edge IoT solutions, we’ve crafted a workspace that not only minimises environmental impact but also nurtures productivity and well-being.

Getting to Net Zero

We are steadfast in our pursuit of environmental stewardship. By sourcing 100% renewable energy and diligently managing our emissions, we've achieved significant milestones in Scope 1&2 emissions and are actively working on Scope 3 requirements. Our ultimate aspiration? Attaining Net Zero status.

Recycle, Repair, and Responsibly Source

Through strategic partnerships and meticulous procurement practices, we prioritize the reuse and repair of furniture and IT equipment. Every office supply decision undergoes rigorous scrutiny by our dedicated customer care team, ensuring sustainability remains at the forefront.

Carefully Chosen Spaces

Our commitment extends beyond our immediate operations. We meticulously select our office locations to maximise accessibility to transportation links and collaborate with landlords to enhance energy efficiency.

People Well-being & Growth

Within our workspace, we prioritise the well-being and growth of our members and staff. From biophilic installations fostering a healthy environment to offering ample opportunities for skill development and ensuring a living wage, we empower our staff to thrive.

Community & Collective impact

We recognise that sustainable progress is a collective endeavor. Hence, we actively seek input from both our members and staff, fostering an environment where everyone's voices contribute to our sustainable journey.

Monitoring & Compliance

Our commitment to accountability is unwavering. Leveraging state-of-the-art monitoring solutions, such as Greenly and VerV, we continuously track and mitigate our energy consumption. Moreover, as a Certified B Corporation and Living Wage Foundation member, we undergo rigorous recertification processes, ensuring our adherence to the highest standards of sustainability and workplace ethics.


Join us in our journey to a better future!

Make an impact and join us to create vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally
responsible coworking communities and a better future.


eOffice joins Westminster City Council’s sustainable City Charter

The Sustainable City Charter is a free, voluntary, business-led pledge, supported by the Westminster Property Association and Westminster City Council. It encourages sustainable working practices across non-domestic buildings in Westminster.

It contains eight commitments for reducing carbon emissions from non-domestic buildings. These cover areas such as energy use, procurement, transport, waste and deliveries, and include committing to net zero buildings by 2040 or earlier.