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eOffice Joins Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter

We are thrilled to announce that eOffice has officially become a signatory and part of the Steering Committee of Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter, reaffirming our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices.


The Sustainable City Charter, initiated by Westminster City Council, outlines a set of eight commitments for reducing carbon emissions from non-domestic buildings, aimed at fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly urban environment. By signing this charter, eOffice pledges to actively contribute to the council’s sustainability goals and integrate sustainable practices into our daily operations.

As a provider of flexible workspace solutions, we recognise the significant role we play in shaping the future of work and its impact on the environment. Through our participation in the Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter, we aim to:

  1. Reduce Carbon Footprint: Implement measures to minimise energy consumption, promote renewable energy sources, and reduce carbon emissions across our office spaces reaching Net Zero by or before 2040.
  2. Promote Sustainable Transportation: Encourage the use of public transportation, cycling, and walking among our staff and clients, reducing reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and mitigating traffic congestion and air pollution.
  3. Optimise deliveries: Work with relevant partners to ensure that full use is made of local consolidated delivery services where they are available.
  4. Reduce Waste and Recycle: Implement waste management strategies to minimise waste generation, increase recycling rates, and promote the use of sustainable materials and practices within our offices.
  5. Be accountable: As a participant, we agree that our participation in the Charter will be public information and can be publicised

By aligning ourselves with Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter, eOffice reaffirms its dedication to creating a more sustainable and resilient urban environment for current and future generations. We look forward to working closely with the council and our partners to achieve our shared sustainability objectives and drive positive change in the communities we serve.