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Office Attends Coworking Europe 2023 in Porto

From November 27th to 29th, the eOffice team joined the Coworking Europe 2023 Conference in Porto, bringing together 400+ attendees from 50+ countries. With a tradition dating back to 2011, eOffice continued its commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic coworking landscape.

The conference covered a spectrum of compelling themes that resonated deeply with the eOffice team and the wider coworking community. A standout feature however, was the participation of eNetwork Partner Avila Spaces. CEO Carlos Gonçalves and Sales Manager Patrícia Doidinho led two compelling panels, enriching the discussions with their insights and adding depth to the diverse perspectives shared throughout the event.

The conference wrapped up with a successful cocktail party at Lionesa Hub, epitomising the coworking spirit through a beautiful venue, delicious food, and a sense of community.

As Coworking Europe 2023 concluded, the eOffice team left Porto enriched with knowledge, inspired by innovative ideas, and more connected than ever to the global coworking community.